We remember these special cats and the people who loved them.  (Please email us at rescue@ecmcr.org if you would like your Maine Coon to be posted on our Memory page).

Last year or the year before, I started donating to your organization in memory of Nicklee.  I really love all that you do for these cats.  They are amazing.  I have attached several pictures of Nicklee.  Some are him with his mommy (my mom).  He LOVED to be held by his mommy.  He followed my mom everywhere.  She took it so hard and always tears up when we talk about him, but she loves to talk about him.  Please feel free to use whatever picture(s) you want.  I can’t wait to see the Memory page.  What a great idea!

Take care.

loved by Cyndi Armstrong



Anderson Mar – perished in a fire.  She loved her Maine Coons.