In Memory

We remember these special cats and the people who loved them.  Please email us at with the following information if you would like your Maine Coon to be posted on our Memory page.

Owner’s Name:
Current Name Of Cat:
ECMCR’s Name of Cat (if applicable):
Date of Birth/Adoption:
Date of Loss:
Obituary Statement:
Photos welcome!

Smokey: 02/2011 – 06/11/2024

Smokey was adopted by his fosters after being saved from a hoarding situation. He spent the remaining six years of his life as a dedicated foster brother, helped raise several litters of kittens and helped a few scared older cats come out of there shells. He will be missed greatly <3

Owned and loved by Debbie and Nicki

Poblano, Cayenne, Shishito, Serrano, Jalapeño: 05/12/24 – 05/24/24

Loved and lost too soon.

Oz (photographed with his partner in crime, a young Leto)

Owned and loved by Neil

Dino (ECMCR Max) – 2012-2023

Fate brought Dino and Samson (ECMCR Barney, littermates) into Amy’s life and the rest is history.

Greyson – 2009-2022

A former ECMCR foster cat and foster fail. He came from a hoarding situation and was terrified of everything. Patience and love allowed him to slowly open up into an amazing companion.

<3 Debbie and Nicki

Salted Caramel – 4/8/2022-4/9/2022

Loved by many. Rest in peace little one <3

Last year or the year before, I started donating to your organization in memory of Nicklee.  I really love all that you do for these cats.  They are amazing.  I have attached several pictures of Nicklee.  Some are him with his mommy (my mom).  He LOVED to be held by his mommy.  He followed my mom everywhere.  She took it so hard and always tears up when we talk about him, but she loves to talk about him.  Please feel free to use whatever picture(s) you want.  I can’t wait to see the Memory page.  What a great idea!

Take care.

loved by Cyndi Armstrong



Anderson Mar – perished in a fire.  She loved her Maine Coons.


Butler– Owned and loved by Debbie Salerno. One of her first fosters that she could not part with.

Simba– In Memory of my gentle giant!

Willow– In loving Memory of ECMCR’s Willow.  Fostered by Debbie Salerno, adopted and loved by Linda and Steve Lipkin

Sebastian– Adopted by John Mitchell Balsamo

Feb 2000 – April 2020

A loving and loyal friend of 20 years.  Your sweet, intelligent personality brightened everyone’s life.  I will forever miss you greeting me every day when I came home.  Your love and devotion will never be forgotten.  Rest easy my friend, until we meet again.

Willie– Adopted by Stephanie Steyer-Wynne


Willie was ECMCR’s very first foster kitten and our very first adoption to Stephanie Steyer-Wynne in 2009.  Willie was a beautiful white cat but he was also deaf.  According to Stephanie, ” Willie had a huge personality and presence. I was blessed to have him as a part of my life for as long as I did. He was one special cat for sure.” Willie holds a special place in our hearts

NALA– Adopted by Terri

My beloved Nala, a stunning silver MC, was so loving, a sleep-on-your-head, snuggle-in-your-lap, purr machine. I lost her 15 years ago to IBD at the young age 6 and still miss her.

Zander– Adopted by Virgina and Chris Puddister

Most recently, we lost our Maine coon mix of 17 years after being treated for a heart condition, kidney disease, and arthritis. Unfortunately, we could no longer fight off age with my sweet boy and he passed peacefully with my husband and I by his side. He was our everything.

Raven– 2012 – 2020.  Fostered by Debbie Salerno; adopted by John Mitchell Balsamo.


Fostered by Allison Schadel and Family

Adopted by Cheryl and Bill Kaiser

2020 brought you to us and took you away. It was short but you taught us a lot; patience, love and unfortunately heartbreak. RIP ♥️