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Virtual Cat Yoga with SolShine Yoga and East Coast Maine Coon Rescue


East Coast Maine Coon Rescue has paired with SolShine Yoga for our first of hopefully many yoga events!

This class will be an hour-long, where we will start with movement, working strength and flexibility for about 30 minutes, slowing down with some restorative poses followed by mediation and sound bowl healing for the last 30 minutes to re-balance and ground ourselves from the hard work.

This class is open to all levels of yoga, where beginners will be given directions to modify poses and advanced practitioners will be given the opportunity to take certain poses to other variations.

No equipment is required except for you and your yoga mat, but a set of blocks(or a couple of books) may be helpful for some extra support in some poses. Feel free to have your cats join in!

Why Us?

East Coast Maine Coon Rescue is about giving kittens and cats the opportunity to have a great home and a great loving family. We go into shelters to find Maine Coons.

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What do we do?

We are a breed specific group, specializing in  Maine Coons and Maine Coon mixes.  By adopting from us, you are saving the life of these magnificent cats.  Maine Coons are incredibly loving and loyal.  They make perfect companions!

East Coast Maine Coon Rescue makes adopting a new furry family member easy.  We have trained case managers who will be your matchmaker between you and your new cat/kitten.  Our cats and kittens are sheltered in private, loving foster homes just waiting for you to adopt them.

Our volunteers are hard working and dedicated, but we can’t save all the Maine Coon cats and kittens alone.  We need donations to pay for expenses and we need new volunteers to keep us growing.  We need you!

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