Maine Coons

The Maine Coon cat is a natural breed that developed in North America.  It is the largest domestic cat breed.  Males can weigh from 25 to 35 lbs and be the size of an 8-year-old child.  Females are a bit smaller than males and can weigh 16 to 18 lbs.  Maine Coons have shaggy fur which is shorter on the front shoulders and becomes longer down to the tail.  They have a double, waterproof coat.  Maine Coons have a mane around their neck which makes them look like little lions.  Tufts of long hair grow out of their ears and feet and they have lynx tips on their ears.  Their large and furry feet help them walk on snow.  Maine Coon tails are as long as their bodies and are their crowning glory with long, cascading fur.  The cats wrap their long, fluffy tail around themselves to keep warm.  Their body is long, rectangular, and muscular.

Maine Coons are made of legends.  Some believe they are descended from Marie Antoinette’s cats who were shipped to America in anticipation of their mistress escaping the guillotine.  Once they arrived in America, they mated with native cats.  Another legend has them aboard pirate ships, mating the same way.  The Maine Coon love of water goes back to these legends of sailing the seas.

Maine Coons are known as the gentle giant.  They are usually sweet although they may take time to warm up to strangers.  They are dog-like; some even enjoy playing fetch.  Maine Coons love to splash and play in water fountains, water bowls, and drink from running faucets.  They speak with chirps and trills and have tiny voices compared to other cats.

For purposes of East Coast Maine Coon Rescue, our goal is to pull cats from shelters and elsewhere who have most of the Maine Coon features.  We obtain purebreds from owner surrenders and breeders who shut down.  If a Maine Coon does not have papers or is not registered, we call the cat a mix even if it may be a purebred.  We may pull a Maine Coon’s siblings and/or mother even if they have short hair, knowing they will be in danger at kill shelters if we leave them behind.  We do not list short hairs as Maine Coons.

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Why Us?

East Coast Maine Coon Rescue is about giving kittens and cats the opportunity to have a great home and a great loving family. We go into shelters to find Maine Coons.

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What do we do?

We are a breed specific group, specializing in  Maine Coons and Maine Coon mixes.  By adopting from us, you are saving the life of these magnificent cats.  Maine Coons are incredibly loving and loyal.  They make perfect companions!

East Coast Maine Coon Rescue makes adopting a new furry family member easy.  We have trained case managers who will be your matchmaker between you and your new cat/kitten.  Our cats and kittens are sheltered in private, loving foster homes just waiting for you to adopt them.

Our volunteers are hard working and dedicated, but we can’t save all the Maine Coon cats and kittens alone.  We need donations to pay for expenses and we need new volunteers to keep us growing.  We need you!